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The Box Guaranteed To Lower Your Impact

A carefully thought out recipe box, researched and packaged to have as little impact as possible.
We pick up & reuse all the packaging.

We were frustrated with the excessive packaging of other recipe boxes on the market, so we decided to start our own. Lowly Box was founded to make choosing low impact food easy and fun. Each week we deliver the best sourced ingredients using 100% reusable packaging, provided with recipes that are great for the environment. We want to enable everyone to eat healthy and save the planet.

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Our Values

It's Simple - We Never Compromise.

No Plastic Ever.

We hate plastic waste just as much as you. All of our packaging is designed to be picked up and reused on the next delivery.

From our re-purposed wine box crates to our glass containers, we've thought hard about how to reduce waste without compromising on freshness.

Source The Lowest Impact Ingredients.

We are committed to sourcing the lowest impact produce for our customers. This means going beyond labels like organic and free range. We do in-depth research into each one of our suppliers.

We source produce based on a range of strict criteria - including distance to customer, farm practices & season. You're ensured the ingredients you receive are the best for the planet possible.

Use The Most Environmentally Friendly Transport.

We thought there was enough congestion and pollution in our cities already - all our deliveries are done by bicycle.

We're also strict with how we get suppliers produce. We source as locally as possible. For those things that we can't get close to home, we ensure items are boat shipped. We never air ship produce.

Provide Recipes That Are Great For The Planet.

All our weekly recipes are designed to lower your carbon footprint. Every one is heavily research in line with the latest environmental publications. We do the hard work so you don't have to.

Recipes are tailored for season and locality. Each has a carbon footprint breakdown by ingredient and the equivalent kilometres you'll save eating the dish.